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Stefni Agin


The Grand Duke

March 2-4 & 8-11, 2018


Imagine a little town in which the Jokers become the Kings! In W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan's final topsy-turvy ace of diamonds, "The Grand Duke," we see just that! Join us in celebrating 80 seasons of keeping the comic opera duo's spirit alive in Pittsburgh. Being performed for the first time since 1977, this is just the second-ever Pittsburgh Savoyards production of the operetta. You don't want to gamble away your chance of seeing it!

It's 1750 in the tiny German town of Pfennig Halbpfennig and the Grand Duke is so stingy the actors have conspired to overthrow him. But they choose the sausage roll as their secret sign and the whole plot is given away. The leading actor desperately fights a duel with cards, as statutes require, and the actor becomes Grand Duke, where he gets more than he bargained for! Can the tiny kingdom survive an onslaught of actor politicians, legal ghosts, angry divas, champagne, sausage rolls, unexpected visitors, roulette and not one, not two, not three, but four brides all for the Grand Duke? Attend to see the hilarious answer and enjoy Arthur Sullivanís most thrilling and adventurous music!