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The Balkan Babes have released their 3rd CD! Celebrating over 15 years of singing together, part of this CD release is a drive to support the Balkan Babes Stefni Agin Scholarship Fund with the East European Folk Life Center (EEFC). Stefni Agin was one of the co-founding members of the Balkan Babes and died this year from cancer. She was a long time supporter of EEFC and their music and dance camps. A scholarship fund is being set up in her memory. Net proceeds from the CD sales will also go to the fund. Cost of the CD is $15.


Want to make a donation to the Balkan Babes Stefni Agin Fund? Fill out this form and mail to the EEFC, P.O. Box 12488, Berkeley, CA 94712-1118.


The Stefni Agin fund will be administered by the EEFC under the aegis of the Dick Crum/Kef Scholarship program. The scholarship will be awarded to a person attending the East Coast Camp. Application forms for scholarships are available on the EEFC website.


Want a CD? Send us mail at