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Stefni Agin


From Kyrgyzstan


Thunderbird Café, October 8, 2010

8 pm $12 in advance; $15 at the door


Thunderbird Cafe  44444023 Butler Street : Lawrenceville : Pittsburgh PA 15201






The folk ethnographic theater “Ordo-Sakhna” was created in 1999 and combined a group of professional musicians – graduates of the conservatory and laureates of international and regional contests. The theater is directed by film director Shamil Djaparov. The aim of the theater is to retain, develop, and popularize Kyrgyz folk heritage around the world. The originality of the Theater lies in the fact that the members’ perception of folklore is not simple enthusiasm, but a deep study of the spiritual culture of the Kyrgyz people. Meeting with the bearers of folk traditions, the artists of the Theater have managed to recreate the ancient dances “Bakshy-Biy” and “Shyrdak-Biy,” which were forgotten until recently. “Ordo-Sakhna” has gathered an exclusive collection of ancient traditional melodies and dastans (small epos), which came to us through centuries of generations. Through careful searching and experiments the musicians adapted the ancient heritage to modern society. The artists have considered every aspect of the songs and dances: detailed recreations of traditional costumes, mannerisms of motion and symbolism of gestures. With the aid of these factors they have succeeded in recreating a realistic and honest ethnographical picture of Kyrgyz culture. In 2004 year was created a social cultural educational foundation “Ordo-Sakhna” named after the artist of Kyrgyz Republic M. Nazaraliev. M. Nazaraliev – was the creator of Kyrgyz drama Music Theater. Since 1999 the Theater has recorded three CDs: The Music of the Legends in 2000, Song of Nomad in 2001 and The Flame Horses in 2007. The repertoire of the Theater is designed for a wide audience and its music ranges from the ancient archaic melodies (kuu) to folk-jazz. The Theater was broadcasted to the Kyrgyz population on national television in a TV program called Toguz-Ak.

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